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How to appear for the online test

1. Read the following instructions thoroughly

2. Click Start Test button

3. Put your password.

4. Choose your language

5. Start your test

... Best wishes from Team Craftomaniacs

Online Written Test

Time and duration:

  1. You can appear for the test anytime between 10 am to 9 pm on 17th December 2023 (There is no particular time limit)

  2. Please submit your test before 9 PM (Otherwise, your test will be rejected)

Test Subject:

  1. This is a descriptive answer-based test.

  2. The questions will be about your personal abilities.

Test Language:

  1. You can appear for the test either in English or in Bengali.

  2. You must type in English or in the Bengali alphabet.

  3. If you want to appear for the test in Bengali but you have some problem typing in the Bengali alphabet you have to write your answers in pen and paper with proper question numberings and you have to upload your scanned answer sheet.

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