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Tulonahina 3 - 2nd Round Landscape.png
Stage - 1

Interactive live session (60 Marks)

  1. An interactive Live session is scheduled for 30th December 2023 (Saturday).

  2. The mode of interaction is Google Meet. All candidates have to install the Google Meet app and secure a good internet connection for a better experience.

  3. There will be a different time slot for each group. Check Time Slots.

  4. Our judges will ask questions directly to the contestants in the live session.

  5. The Google Meet joining link will be sent to the individual group 30 minutes before the live session.

Stage - 2

Popularity index(40 marks)

  1. This is a public voting round. Each candidate has to make a separate video introducing herself (In Bengali/English) and describing why she deserves to be Tulonahina (Season 3) within 1 minute.

  2. Individual videos can be sent in individual WhatsApp groups or in the video upload button on our website. Upload your video Here.  

  3. Participants must send the individual videos before 30th December 2023.

  4. We will make separate videos for each candidate and publish them on our official Facebook & Instagram page on 2nd January 2024.

  5. People willing to vote for their preferred participant have to comment the name of the participant in the comment section of the main video.

  6. Participants may share the video urging votes but only the comments in the main post will be counted.

  7. The total votes for the individual candidates from Facebook & Instagram will be counted on 6th January 2024.

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