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Get ready for a fashion extravaganza like never before as Craftomaniacs proudly announces the inaugural edition of the "Bengal's Best Boutique Brands Awards 2024." This mega hunt is set to celebrate and honour the best of Bengal's fashion boutique scene, recognizing excellence in brand concept, product quality, and marketing prowess.

For any query call 

+919775402406 or +916289824574

(from 11 am to 4 pm)



1st - 31th January, 2024


Live Selling Round

7th - 14th February

Will be announced later

For any query call 

+919775402406 or +916289824574

(from 11 am to 4 pm)


Event Highlights

Celebrating Unique Brand Concepts:


Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds. The awards will shine a spotlight on boutique brands that redefine the fashion landscape with their innovative brand concepts, pushing the boundaries of style and individuality.

Exquisite Product Quality


Craftomaniacs believes in the art of craftsmanship, and so do the contenders for the Best Boutique Brands Award. Witness a showcase of exceptional product quality, where every stitch, weave, and embellishment tells a story of dedication and skill.

Marketing Brilliance


In the age of digital dominance, marketing is an art form in itself. We will recognize and applaud boutique brands that have mastered the art of promoting their unique identity, reaching new heights through strategic and creative marketing campaigns.

How to Participate:

Fashion boutiques across Bengal are invited to submit their entries, showcasing their brand journey, signature products, and innovative marketing strategies. Craftomaniacs aims to provide a platform for boutique brands to not only showcase their talent but also to connect with a wider audience passionate about unique and authentic fashion.

For any query call 

+919775402406 or +916289824574

(from 11 am to 4 pm)

Selection Process 

* The top 10 candidates will be selected based on the overall performance on the flash live sale in the Craftomaniacs Facebook group.

* Individual videos of the top 10 participants will be published on the Craftomaniacs lifestyle website and social media handles.

* Further details on the next rounds will be announced soon.

For any query call

+919775402406 or +916289824574

(from 11 am to 4 pm)

Clothing Rack

Participating in Craftomaniacs Best Boutique Award 2024 is not just about winning a trophy; it's about being recognized as a trendsetter, a brand that embodies the spirit of Bengal's rich cultural heritage while embracing modernity.


Craftomaniacs invites you to be a part of this celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation. Join us in honouring the fashion visionaries who are shaping Bengal's boutique scene. Let's come together to applaud the Best Boutique Brands of 2024 and witness the emergence of new fashion icons.

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